Lost Control of Control Points on Bezier

I’m working on a rocketship model and created a separate file to work on the shape of the control fins. I took Bezier circle and made it into the shape I needed and didn’t have any problems controlling the angles from the control points. Once I had it the way I wanted, I saved it, loaded the rocketship file, then used the Append function to add the object, moved the fin in place, then needed to resize and change some of the shaping so it looked good with the model.

Now that the fin is in the same project as the rest of the rocket, when I right click on the end of a handle on a control point and try to adjust a curve, the handle doesn’t move, but the control point does. I’ve lost the ability to control the angles and behavior of the control points. I can move the points around, scale, and similar functions, but when I select the end of the handle, I can’t move the handle without moving the control point itself.

I’ve tried to find what I need to change, but can’t. I’m guessing there is a setting I don’t know about yet that can effect this. What can I do so I can change the angles and shapes of the curves from their handles again?


After working for most of the day with this problem popping up, I’ve found that after I add a Bezier curve, then edit and get it into the shape I want, it’s okay. However, I can go on and add and edit other meshes and curves, then come back to the one I was working on earlier and no matter what I do with the handles, the control point is moved. I can no longer use the handles to control the curve angles, only to move the control point.

Is this a setting issue? A bug? What is the problem here?



Just a few thoughts,

  • Have you changed the handle type? (H, V, etc.)
  • When you encounter the problem, are you able to switch to another mesh and get different results?
  • Are you sure that you are select a handle and not the control point? This can happen sometimes, depending on the handle type. Select what you are trying to change and press the Numpad-Period key. This will zoom you into a local view of whatever is selected.

Good points and one’s I’ve been thinking about. I know I’m selecting the handle. The object is still a curve and not a mesh. I don’t have that many curves, so at that point I haven’t been able to check if another curve would work properly. I’ve toggled H on and off and tried both ways.

I didn’t know about NUM. – there are so many controls and keys to learn. It’s great to see such a rich environment, but the flip side is having to learn enough to get around.

I’ll check and see if the NUM. helps me see what I’m dealing with. Thanks for the response. At this point any ideas help because I’m still learning all the things to check. At this point, this seems to be the best forum for asking these questions, but I’m still looking to see if there are any forums specifically for newbie questions like that.