Lost control of render output fps

Hi, I was playing around with test renders and changed the fps to 12, then back to 24 and now all my test render avis come out superfast*, I’ve set the fps to 1 fps and I then get something close to what should be happening, but I don’t know how to reset this to default. I plan to do my final render as an image sequence but it’s annoying not to be able to do test renders at the actual playback speed

*The animation portion is what is sped up, the avi has the right duration and the sound plays at the right points but the animation blazed through in less than a second and then sticks on the last rendered frame till the end.

This is in 2.69 and 2.73

Worked around by rendering to images and using the compositor to build my avis, but annoyingly the compositor takes longer to stitch 1080x1024 avis than the opengl render takes to actually draw them! :frowning: