lost crosshair


I am working with a model I made and am almost done. The thing is I seem to have lost my crosshair. When every click to move it or see where it is it is it gives me these wered numbers that seem to be infinatly long. Even if i open the model in on a different computer the crosshair is not there. It is the Red and white thing. Please help

Thank you

Shift C to recenter the 3D curosr. It will move your view out, so press C to center the view on the cursor.

Cool. Thank you. The only thing now is i can’t get it to move :frowning:

That’s weird. Beats me.

Rather than Shift-C to center your view on the cross-hair, select an object and Shift-S, Cursor to Selection to reposition the cursor somewhere convenient.

You might also want to check to make sure you haven’t zoomed in so far that you’ve gone past the view target point. Doing so makes things slow and unresponsive. If you have and can’t get out, try selecting something and pressing . (the period on the alpha part of the keyboard) to center the view on that object.

Does this help?