Lost Destiny

Imagine that you are sitting near to fire, and old white-haired man (me) tells you the story about pirates and seafarers. The room is gloom, the candles extinguished, but the flame illuminates his amber place near you. Gaffer takes a cradle in his mouth and throws wood on the fire and begins the story: a long time ago one sailor lived here. He had a ship, which was called Latariel. He never thought that something could happen to him, but what happened to him that day - changed his life…


Nice work! Automatic kudos for the mini story :). For some reason it looks like a miniature, is that supposed to happen?

But the image hardly goes with a fireside tale of pirates, it looks more like a bright Disney fairy tale. If it were storming or at least night it would go with your intro better.

Thank you for reply:) Well, this is just the beginning of the story. I will try to surprise the story and images. The picture includes elements of ancient China, so Disney will not be here…:)I hope:)

I think the grass and the leaves are too bright and should fade out to a darker color at their bottom.
The grass doesn’t look too high but it’s a bit straight. If it was 3 or four steps height (I see it from the stairs in the background) it would bend over much more.

The reed looks great, also the leaves on the water, but I would make the waves in the water a bit tinier.
The ship looks good, but at first, it appears a bit too small. You could make it a bit bigger in relation to the plants and add more detail, to make it look bigger. A character could also help to bring in a sense of scale.

The rock wall in the background looks real. But the transition from the grass to the rock wall is a bit hard.

I’m looking forward to see more of your works.

Ok, constructive critique:) Maybe there are some problems with scaling. I will correct this in the future. Character appears later, where it can be compared to a ship :slight_smile: The ship intact and undamaged :slight_smile: This is my first job has feedback so I will try to do my work with high quality. And try to make a fantastic Journey:)

btw - there are only 100 samples:)

Here we go! 1000 samples update. Coming soon new part of Journey! Stay tuned.