lost EVERYTHING on desktop. HELP!

I have managed to completely bugger up windows 7. will someone PLEASE tell me how to restore the defalt desktop with the taskbar and icons and such.

It all began when i noticed that a hell of lot of RAM was being used when I had no programs running. so I went on to the task manager and processes tab and loads of things showed and I hardly knew what any of them were. so i ended a process which i thought was the internet explorer (i figured im not using it right now so what harm could it do) but in ending it I somehow managed to clear my entire desktop and cant see how to use anything… getting this webpage up for a help message was difficult enough.

if anyone can help I would be hugely greatful!

You probably closed explorer.exe

A simple restart should be all you need.


yep that was exactly what I did, and I did restart but everything is still hiding from me :frowning:

HA! sorted it! I had to manualy start it as a new process. but thanks for the support!