Lost Fuild Sim panel in Test2!

I can’t find it I searched everywhere where is it?

It may just be too far to the right for you to see (it is for me @ 1600x1200 display). Click the physics button (the bouncing ball) and then minimize some of the other panels (click the down arrow just to the left of each panel name).

Ah thank found it and merged all soft body panels. Also knwo any exploe tuts?

What kind of Tut are you looking for?

just something simple like how to pop a UVsphere or something. Basics really.

I don’t know of a tut for this, but if you add a UV sphere set as fluid inside a domain with no gravity, then inside that sphere another smaller UV sphere set as an obstacle, you can create an explosion effect by animating the obstacle sphere to scale up rapidly (like grow to twice its original size in 1 frame). This will cause the fluid sphere to be cast out in all directions. After you back the fluid you can get rid of the obstacle sphere, so you just see magic water exploding in the render.

no the modifier in RC2.

Sorry, thought you were still talking about fluid. Here is a link that might help with the explode modifier:


it’s ok thanks for the help. Your idea gives interesting FX.