Lost Heart

Needless to say these pics are the direct result of a relationship. oh well you do what you can… and then blend, right ;). Any C&C is welcome, as far as modeling lighting and texturing i’m relatively happy, but if you have suggestions for improvement i’ll be happy to hear them.
My main intrest is hearing opinions on the project composition, ie. do you perfer it with or with out the heart? pooled blood or falling blood? ect.

are they in sequence?

maybe you could give him (you) a face which would allow for some expressions. Right now the focus is too much on the flowting heart. And maybe you could give him some more defined starting- and endpoints. The emotional flow of these pictures start where the emotions are already down. You might start with the person holding a still-alive-and-beating heart in his hand and then do the keyframes down to the point where the heart is completely lost.

Besides this, the simple style is very effective for focusing on the main points.



Framedworld, good question i should have mentioned these aren’t in sequence, they are just possible different compositions, each a slight variation, i was just putting them up for people to compare, help me decide which components are best.
gunnarstahl: since these images aren’t meant to be in sequence there is no need to have flow, i may experiment with giving the figure more detail, but i find leaving it blank lets be more anonymous, it lets the figure represent anyone, you, your brother, a friend, anyone