Lost in the Far Reaches of Crystal Space

Just finished downloading Crystal Space, can’t get started, a couple questions…

  1. Where do you start with Dev-CPP and getting in the libraries? I can’t seem to find it in the manuals.
  2. How would you compile a file in Dev-CPP?
  3. Any links to pre-compiled examples using it? I am soooooo lost…

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

i got lost on that too had a problem with ming…

What platform are you using?

I am reading this as I am trying to figure it out. I’m on windows and using CygWin.

I will try it on linux afterwards, because I have both, but my linux computer was 15USD so how good can it be? My Linux box, with 256MB of ram and no video card can unzip tarballs faster than my Windows bix, with 1GB of ram and NVidia video card> go figure, Hey?

I’ll edit this if I can figure it out, and let you know how to get it to work! Best of luck!

I asked because it says on the download page that there’s a Windows “precompiled binary for artists” available. Also, for Linux distros, there should already be something in their respective software repositories. You should be able to get some version of Crystal Space up and running without compiling anything.

should ?

ill check the one for artist…
whats the differance

easier to install?