lost in the noise

All of us were lost at some point,
lost in the noise…


Painted in Photoshop at a much higher resolution. 20 minutes on a tablet.


Looks like you’ve taken impressionism to an entirely new level. My grandmother used to do stuff like that.

Did you use blender at all in this one? Edit: that was sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Rocketman :slight_smile:

No Blender in this one, but something like this is actually possible to do in Blender :smiley:


Really nice work. I can jazz with the feeling in the painting as well.

I have no crits on this, good work.

That certainly is abstract… but i like it :smiley:

Very nice… i needed quite a while to see the 2 other persons in the background. But there they are now, very clearly recognisable… thats really lost in the noise!

Thanks everyone for the responses! I’m glad I decided not to further define the background figures :slight_smile: