Lost in Time - Grandfather Clock WIP

This is for a school project. I plan to add more on the wall like an old painting or some boards caving in from the ceiling. Let me know what you think.

Looking good so far. I love the texture on the wall, it looks great. You really need to dirt up the wood of the clock, because it seems oddly clean. Other than that I like it :slight_smile: I’ll be watching this.

Great concept, the wall texture is fantastic. I would add some more depth to the clock face personally.

How could I get some better reflections and specular light on it like in the picture:
I am using blender internal to render it.

I feel there is something off with the picture frame but just can’t place it.

I think it might be that it has no visible shadow? I may be wrong. :confused:

Added some dust in the air for a godray effect

I still need to figure out how to achieve the proper specular lighting on the metal of the clock like in the picture 3 posts up. Anyone have any ideas?