Lost Interest in 3D - Quitting Blender

I’m now losing interest in doing any more CG work. The reason to this, is that I just can never make anything I would have wanted to. I know it needs time, but I see no reason to continue in working in the software if this keeps up with me.

I can’t make models, nor the intended things necessary for my ideas I would have wanted out to the public on YouTube. So, I’m just going to quit doing work for myself, and I’ll not ask for volunteer help anymore. I know that concept art is needed for people to help me, but I can’t draw either.

But, that doesn’t mean I can still be on this website and see how others improve with their own work. I’m not going to do my own work, though. Just seeing others do theirs, I guess, is easiest than making something that can’t become a reality from my endless ideas.

I’ll just do what I can easily do: Writing out stories for publication. That sounds easier than making them to animation myself. I’ll just be writing novels and, if by luck, for a film studio to pick up in the future after my novels becomes bestsellers in the book market once they sell enough copies.

Besides this, I’ll be making my life simpler than doing it harder for me to get my ideas out. Writing novels is the easiest thing for me to get those ideas out on paper, but for animation and film? Nope. I’m not that kind of guy anymore; I’m just going easy for the sake of my health. I don’t need to have two hobbies, and only focus on the other per month. I’ll focus on my writing hobby instead of animating.

I hope you all understand my reasons for quitting Blender. I won’t be coming back to it in the future, as it takes many years to make animation alone. So, I’m just watching you all make your stuff rather than making my own in 3D. I know that I’ve only used it for four months, but that’s as much as I can make it now that I realized my thing of doing what I love the most.

With that, I bid you all a heartily farewell. Enjoy your own future, my friends.

I’m here, thinking ALMOST the same thoughts as you, but… four months is just Too Short a time to decide anything, bro, even I know that! There are degree courses in this stuff, for God’s sake! Going all the way up to MASTER’S level!!

In any case, once your stories are written, you still have to communicate them to the animators who’ll actually make the CGI, right? I’m really failing to see why that can’t be done -here-…

I’m thinking an animation or live-action studio might bring my books to their attention if it’s worth their time to make films out of them.

I know that four months was relative too short to leave, but I had my reasons to do it. One of the other reasons, was that I was messing up my models despite being careful with them. I just couldn’t get anything done, so I gave up doing anymore.

I also know that I was rather excited to do this, but realization came that it was all too much out of my league with making animations. Plus, my ideas was simply too big to make them alone.

So, from that point, I just want to write books instead. That sounds like a much better career than this.

All things worth doing
Are difficult to learn

Our mind often fools us into believing that our grandiose ideas would be easy to achieve, but then reality sets in when we actually start work on it in the real world. It is at that point cognitive friction sets in, which can be disheartening. Only a few strongly self-motivated individuals will push through, and continue on their path, where most give up after only having trodden a league or two.

Throughout the years, I have encountered hundreds of people, of all ages, with the best of ideas. Often they would hide their idea from the world, out of fear someone might steal it from then.

Of course, no-one cared for their ideas. Mainly because we all have our own great ideas. And often those ‘great’ ideas turn out to be not so great after all (just look at all those terrible books, games, art works, movies and tv-shows released on a daily basis).

Good art takes years to learn and craft. And the willingness to invest your time and spirit. Focusing too much on the end result, instead of enjoying the learning process, will be self-defeating, and only result in frustration about our self-perceived ineptitude.

If you expect book writing to be easier… Well, I would hazard a guess here, and I expect that you will experience similar troubles. Good creative writing is hard. Which explains why there are a relatively small number of great writers.


If only we could do magic, right? It would all be so much easier. And that much more boring and uninteresting.

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I’m taking it slow and steady with my books. I know it can take years to fully master the process, but there’s no hurting in trying, right?

Yeah, truly masterpieces takes many years and lots of energy to become realities. That’s why I’m going to try my absolute best in making my books such masterpieces for readers to enjoy.

I’ll only do one hobby: Writing. From now on. Two are what distracts me from reaching my dreams and goals in life. I need to achieve my author dream, after all the learning the creativity in it for five years and it will not be of waste when I’m at that point.

I promise to do my best with my persistence towards the end of my goal. You have my word.

I am not the one to whom you have to promise anything :slight_smile:

Only to yourself. And even when you can’t keep your own promises to yourself, don’t beat yourself up over it.

In any case, join a writer club (on- or off line), and start writing. Share your work as much as you can in order to have others comment on it. Do not hide your work.

You have a long, long path to travel still.

I had already joined a community on Twitter. I’m sharing some details of my work there, but not too much to spoil things from it. That counts something, right?

3D is not easy, it takes patience, and a lot of learning.

Your initial goal was to create animation, but that might be part of the problem. Your issue is that you’re starting out with a project that is too ambitious. You often need to start small and slowly scale up for the purpose of getting to know your application and for the purpose of learning the techniques.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions here on BA (if the documentation doesn’t turn up anything useful). The community is very helpful and will quite often deliver an answer quickly.

This is a very deep and personal subject for me. And I am passionate about life decisions. I think we all have to be.

And sometimes you get to the point you feel the need to announce it. I know it feels good to do that. I have been there. It is an important step and I think it helps bring closure.

Ideas are necessarily free-flowing. Production of ideas into visual media (of any kind) is like putting that great free-flowing idea through molasses. And this is 1000x so with animation and maybe even more so with 3D animation.

So the goal of any artist at any stage of the production process or skill set is to master your craft such that this molasses no longer feels sluggish. It is just a fast moving Zen create zone where a lot of things seem to be moving fast, but the overall process is very gradual.

But if your main focus is on telling a story, it can limit your patience to deal with the process to get to a mastery. And that is how it has always felt to me.

I can attest to the fact that 3D is a lot to master. And all I can say, is, Yes man. Focus on writing. There will always be teams to produce your work if it is great. Focus first on doing at least one thing great. Don’t allow 3D to filter that flow of creativity. It should never feel that way. And I know exactly how that feels. So I say, yeah. Don’t do that. Write. Become a great writer. The rest will come.

The number of people who are "one man army"s in the real world are…well, I doubt you’d fill up the fingers of ONE hand countin em. ALL movies are made by teams - here, check this (and I have had the SAME thoughts as you…): www.artella.com

Hear hear!

It’s good to have realized that becoming good at 3D is not a route into making movies, basically it’s a route to being on the production line. Just stick to the writing. The most talented 3D artists working alone manage at best one short film that gets a bunch of likes and then that’s the end, as they come to the conclusion the process didn’t deliver the dream. You are fortunate to have come to this conclusion before getting in too deep. Writing is a better path to telling stories.

Hey anyone remember RustBoy or TinBoy or whatever it was called??

It should be pointed out here, especially after the recent take-off of working from home and video-conferencing (with apps like Zoom etc) that INTERNET COLLABORATION is now, or SHOULD be, a Thing. What’s to stop you just…meeting up with modellers, texturers, lighters, musicians etc. etc. OVER THE NET and…Making Stuff? …excepting the obvious problem of someone screwing someone over when profits come in? I personally advocate THIS as the future. The quicker we all get there, the better it’ll be for all of us. Once again - www.artella.com ! (not made by me, btw! :slight_smile: )

While i’m not an artist, yeah I do have some sympathy on the topic thread’s post. 3D is quite a challenge, it doesn’t work out for everybody.

Agreed. Try it with ADHD compounded by this IS my interest. Regarding Posting on this sight, I have and often no responses. It has become worse since 2.8 and more professionals are posting, leaving struggling hobbyists with a new UI and harder examples to follow.

I have only used 2.76 and 2.77 and several versions before but nothing to dramatic, game engine and some model projects, I tried 2.80 just for a plugin create a face. But sure that new version is tough. It is a problem then for many?

Come on do not do this so, I took years to get to do what I wanted, it’s a hard path and I tried all and all the programs, until I understood that there was no magic but a lot of work and learning, then slowly, step by step , and I seriously say vertex after vertex I managed to achieve what I wanted, I have a hard disk with absurd projects of my first models that I would like to show you. but I have no chance now to show you those first works, and I tell you that I tried all the software available at the time and every now and then I try new software.
Below my first boat, and thought was a successful model…

and here my latest model…

but between these are passed many years a many experience with blender and others software not more developed, I’m still learning every day, because this is an passionate hobby that was become a work after 20 years…
Don’t give up! or maybe try Grease pencil or sculpting with blender.
A last thing. I passed many years only to understand how I can do what i want with 3D software, and start with vertex and fill with low poly, is slow thing but make you understand the core of 3D.


I think it is. The Blender Foundation’s alliance with the studios has left the little guys. Look at the major Blender community sites. All about ads and the money and the Development Fund. I was afraid this would happen whenI started hearing about the upcoming 2.8 features. For me, there just isn’t any way to learn that can substitute for a mentor who can relate and answer questions/solve problems immediately and as a Mac user I know that no way in hell is that going to happen.

The only answer I can think of is to somehow create a hobbyist specific user group something like a user group with the only purpose of helping each other on a website. The one in my town died when we lost a location with computers. We can no longer mix with the professionals hoping to depend only on absorbing knowledge through observation.


I’m not an 3d artist, I was always curious about water with blender, I recall a magazine that had an ocean and a raft, with a pirate on it. Unfortunately, I never hanged onto the disc. I never had the hardware for such 3d projects.

But yeah. I made a few little things with the blender game engine with some help from some programmers and logic brick know alls.

I guess many can stick with 2.79. :neutral_face: