Lost it at hearing test today

I’m normally a very stable person. I NEVER crack in almost all situations but this one.

Today I had a hearing test. Apparently my hearings gone down from last year and my employer mandated me to take this test at a pro audiologist. See, our usual testing takes place in a van and there’s 5 others all in the same room wiith just soundboards between us.

Anyway, I get there. The audiologist is this really pleasant looking girl and that’s a good sign for me because I’m already comfortable. She’s not like hot or anything, just all-around pleasant.

I get in the booth and she gives me instuctions etc. I’m supposed to raise my hand when I hear the tones. We start on the right ear… all is cool. I think I’m missing the tones and she just tells me to raise my hand even if I’m not sure. So I’m concentrating and raising my hand and doing good, then all of the sudden BOOM. Full on panic mode. I put my face into my hands and try to shrug it off, no good. I smile at her and give a ‘just a sec’ hand signal and I open the door all in like half a second. She’s taken aback, and looks at me in wonder. I just say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’. then she asks if I need a break or something and I repeat the sorry’s then say 'Can we just not do this?" now i’m actually starting to cry and choking it back well enough. She say ‘sure’ and starts to talk about rescheduling but I’m out of the office before she even finishes the sentence.

Thing is, I wasn’t panicky before entering the booth. I don’t think I minded being in the little room like a classic claustrophobic would. I THINK the panic was because I suddenly realized that I was being tested! I was raising my hand up on audio cue like a trained monkey and was being compared to normal people. This is simple enough, but wouldn’t that make me angry and not panicky?

So damn confused. I seriously don’t want to be mental.

Edit: Oooo eerie, it’s my monkey post! lol. :slight_smile:

The same thing happens to me… if I’m confronted face to face and I feel I am being judged somehow my face twitches and my voice shakes. It’s a blind panic that I realize is impractical and illogical, but won’t just go away. When I’m around friends I can shrug it off by getting overenthused about something and changing the topic or walking around… at job interviews it’s just killer, I’ve probably lost oppurtunities because of it.

Those private booths can be unsettling. Being alone addes to feeling isolated. The door is almost like a vault door to reduce background noise. The wals are designed to absorb noise which eliminates a sensory clue you expect (you can see the walls, but the sound clues of echoes make it feel ‘wrong’). Then you start hearing your heart beating and your breathing in the headphones.

Tell the person the booth makes you feel uncomfortable. I’ll bet you aren’t the first person to feel that way. Maybe have them leave the door open until the last minute. When the test starts, close your eyes, and try to concentrate just on the sounds.

It is more like your employer is being tested. Earlier tests establish a baseline for you. If the new test shows a hearing loss, your employer could be liable. Get a good nights rest before the test. Try to sit down someplace quiet and private with no distractions for about 5 minutes before you go to the test.

Well when I had a eye test on an age of 12, they saw I needed glasses. I felt myself soo sad to have them, but afther a while is looks even cooler. But now I really hate it, it never wears comfortable. Now when I heard of lasers that can make your eyes better again, I want to do that, but it’s like 3000 euro’s. I wait until they can prove the cure is for life and never get bad again, then I do it :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s nice, but almost completely unrelated.

that would be about $3,600.00 in USD…but I got laser eye surgery for about $499.00


and i’ll do it for $100


Phobias are serious business and they can come on quite unexpectedly. If you need an objective hearing test then you are not, of course, being compared to “other people” but merely making objective measures of yourself; the performance, if you will, of your own body.

Nonetheless… it triggered a phobia and, if you want the measurements (it’s your choice), there ought to be a way to get it done without triggering. For example, portable measurement units in a nice quiet library. Explain the situation matter-of-factly and ask for alternate suggestions.

Phobias are nothing to be ashamed of. They are real.

I like tests… especially ones which I can do…

hand up… erm… no…



looks around looks as if there should be sounds playing
feels stupid for looking at the girl for too long because I can’t hear squat

would sit for another 5 minutes and think to myself, then leave the room
(which would not happen)

ill do it for 50!

ill do it for 50![/quote]

Don’t listen to these guys. They’re crooks. I’ll do it for free.
Just send me your name ,credit card number and limit so I can verify your identity.

(Just a joke btw…)

ill do it for 50![/quote]

Don’t listen to these guys. They’re crooks. I’ll do it for free.
Just send me your name ,credit card number and limit so I can verify your identity.
(Just a joke btw…)[/quote]
Hey, I’m sure it’ll all be paid for by just a fraction of “the money that Prince MumboDumbo is holding for all of us in that Secret Bank Account In Nigeria…” :wink: Or something like that.

Shut up you stupid American, I’m working a sca… deal here.