Lost item when Rendered

Okay… good afternoon… I’ve been working on an island scene… everything I’ve placed into the scene, stays where I put it and it renders fine… I placed a johnboat into the scene about 10 times now… I place it near the shore line in front of the house… looks good and all is in place, then I do a render and it’s gone… I do esc to go back and the boat is no longer there… It is always ending up behind the rocks to the left… I place it back where I want it and all looks good… do another render and once again… gone … back behind the rocks… I’m missing something evidently but don’t know what I’m missing…
I think my file is too big to upload so not sure how to show you the file… my total file is 830MB size… I have an island with water, trees, house, boathouse, sailboat, rocks, pier and this johnboat that continues to disappear … I don’t know what to look for as to why it won’t render… Nothing is turned off in the outliner the boat is there in the scene before I render… then changes position when I go back to the scene…

have a good day

Do you key frame its Location after you’ve moved it?

No, When I place things into the scene, I’ve never done that… am learning… how do I do that… I will try that

Select the object, press the I key and selection Location.

thanks… am going to go try that now… appreciate it… will report back when done and let you know how it went

that worked… thank you so much… appreciate the help… I made a note to do that function when I place something new in the scene… thank you thank you
have a great day :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

this is the image of the scene I have been working on… I created the island, painted it, added the water, the trees I made, added the boat house from a file, made the pier and added it, made the house and added it, made the rocks and added them… made the sailboat and made the john boat… the john boat was the only object I had problems with…
appreciate all your help …