Lost Man (mild nudity)

Some of you may have been following the progress of this one in the WIP forum. It’s my first human model - he’s the focal character in a kind of abstract animation I’m working on over the next few weeks. He’s fully rigged now (without facial expression yet though - I’ll do them as I go), thanks very much to Hos, Lyubomir Kovachev and luckybreak, among others for their help, demo files, tutorials, etc. with the rigging. I’ve learn a lot about that over the last few days. He has no ears, eyes, nostrils. He’s meant to look tired, lost, distressed and worn.

Thanks very much to those who gave me crits and feedback. I’m way behind schedule so I can’t afford to work any more on the modelling - gotta get stuck into animating. I don’t particularly like character animation, so it won’t have a huge amount of movement. I’m aiming for something quite limited, using lighting, camera angles/moves, poses and cuts - more like a video comic book rather than a full-on animation.

Here are some some nice yafray renders I did of some still frames. I won’t be using yafray for the final animation (for the obvious speed reasons, among others) but I thought these images looked quite nice as stills :slight_smile:



And some hemi light shots of the final model:



wicked. ur gonna post the final anim right?

i love the look. make sure you noisify the anim like those stills. 8)

saw this on cgchat- had no idea it was yours!
great work, I’m looking forward to seeing this finish.
just checked again, I’m an idiot. didn’t notice brkn=broken.
its very good. I think you might get some crits from people who would like to see it 100% realsitic since it has non-cartoony proportions, but I see no reason to blindly follow that urge.
I like the grainy quality of these renders. It brings to mind old scifi movies, esp fahrenheit 451 (which was neither grainy nor black and white) but somehow the image of this guy running with the light on him conveys the sense of the hunted man that movie had.

arrrgggghhhh he has no penis

i do so wish people would add genitalia to their models.

i do life drawing so see penis’s 2 times a week and honestly its not a big deal, and adding one would get a lot of respect from the people over at CG talk because even the top animators are too chicken to add them LOL


alltaken: Yeah you make a good point. When you say ‘chicken’ I realise it is somewhat out of shyness. I guess I’m quite unsure about how viewers will react, whether they may find it farcical… Ok, when I get home, I’ll spend a few mins modelling it and at least see how it compares - whether it looks stupid, serious, whatever.

NateTG and slikdigit: Yep :slight_smile: I’d planned the high-contrast, noisy look from the beginning. I like the feel of it, and think it’s quite appropriate this time.


i reckon you could get away with a sort of classic greek small penis, like on statues.

you dont really want to give him a slut busting, heat seaking moisture missile do you?

just give him a … petite “crotch cannon”

Very cool!

Well, basically artistic nudity is not an issue and most people should react positively.

On the other hand some people might find it hurting their feelings.

The general rule here is:

Warn in the topic title or top of tghe post text that there is some
nudity. This will prevent mature people finding nudity disturbing
to view your post and get hurt (And of course will attract much
views from others :slight_smile: )

Then be sure that what you post is art and not pornography, almost everything as explicit as you can find in the Uffizzi/Louvre/Prado/British is Ok.

In any case remember this is a public forum for all ages :slight_smile:


Ok, here he is in all his glory:


With? Without? What do you think?

With, it’ll give you an extra challenge with the lighting :wink:

definetely with, looks more natural. Good model by the way :wink:

I am glad you finally gave him a penis. If people are offended by his nakedness, then they are also offended by Michaelangelos ‘David’, right? :wink: Never worry about what others will think about your work. It is your personal expression, and the only person you really have to impress is you.

YAY he has a penis

reckon you could get away with a sort of classic greek small penis

HEY i got a classic greek penis!!!!!!!

its coz of wearing Y-fronts  got nothing to do with the final size though ;)


Looks much better with IMO ,
First thing I though was " lost man " lost without his penis,
but now it is much more respectable render … very lifelike
Great job , I can hope to achieve something that good someday

hahaha yeah, no longer “lost manhood”

good work broken :smiley:

Finally my plight has been answered! MUCH better. It doesn’t even need all that much detail or anything like that…it looks much better with. Without it didn’t even look human. IMHO. And I can see I’m not the only one who thinks this way! WOO!

I love the top render broken. A true look of despair and loneliness. Great work. This is one of the few renders that looks great with all the noise.

As for the penis issue, I agree, he looks better with that without. Just don’t add an armature to that thing! :o


Thanks guys! I definitely agree he looks better with the penis now. Should have tried it on earlier! BgDM, I had to give it an armature otherwise it pokes through the ground when he sits down! haha. Fun for the whole family.

Into the animating now… It’s going to be a loooong and tiring couple of weeks :confused: On the bright side, I’m getting some very satisfying results out of Blender’s renderer + post processing to the style I’m after (contrast, grain, bloom, etc), and fast too.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Not to talk of how a really correct walk/run cycle should look like :wink:


indeed great work! i love that film style :slight_smile:

I’m working hard and sleeping way too little trying to get this done, but it’s happening too slowly :frowning:

Here’s a little preview anyway - he looks quite different in motion :slight_smile: (1.6MB divx)