Lost memories [Download-test]

Hi, here you can download the file from Dropbox:https://www.dropbox.com/s/emymak2qagj2c6k/P_demo.exe.zip?oref=e&n=443906388
WARNING: i don’t know if the download work at 100% and you can play the Exe only if you have a Windows 64 version. i’ll do my best to make it for all the operative system :yes:
a little video:

This is just a test for my game to see if it work with older PC… you need an high performance machine if you want to play it on 60fps :frowning:

This looks wonderful, the rays from the windows are a nice touch! It ran smoothly on my computer. The music is beautiful, who composed it?

Hi, thank you so much, i downloaded the music and the others sounds from “freesound.org”.:yes:
in case you don’t noticed it, you can interact with doors by pressing “E” :wink:

The room I went in was very creepy! :eek: I will say, however it was very dark and could not see anything past the entrance. I’ll say it again, your choice in music is so well done without it, the game would be a lot less atmospheric!