Lost memories

hi guys, i’m trying to make a new game with the BGE.
the basic concept is actually very simple, you are a sort of entity and you have the power to travel in people’s memories looking at their photos or paintings… for example, if you see an old photo of the second world war, you can travel in time and go to the second world war and get in the fight.
or another, if you see a photo of a guy in a house, you can get in his body and visit the house.
so i can made different style of gameplay, like FPS, MMO, horror story etc…
if you want to go back to the present you have to find a sort of portal.
for now i made the main screen and the first scene (from where you can travel, you can also see the painting).

this is just a first idea of the game, it may can be changed, sorry for my bad english.
BYE! :slight_smile:

Woow the graphics look amazing! Is it all baked? The gameplay idea sounds interesting, but quite complex. Hopefully you can do it.
Funny how there are now 2 different “memories” games (“missing memories” and “lost memories”)

Would love to see how this develops.

nothing in the scene is baked, i add just some 2d filter: ssao, chromatic aberration, noise and vignette. the gameplay depends in which memory you chose, so it can be very complex or not. yeah i see the “missing memories”, but i was too lazy to get another title XD, also because it befits with the story.
Btw Thank you! :yes: