Lost Model

Hi, I am fairly new at blender (1-2mo) and have a werid question.
A few months ago, I was looking at a tutorial/contest for animation. The subject ws a simple bright yellow man with big eyes. I have a bad computer for this type of stuff, (:mad:) so I didn’t download the tutorial\contest. I just got a better one and want to download it. Problem is, I’ve clean forgot which site if was on, and I really, REALLY want to download it. If you’ve seen it and know what I am talking about, please send me a link to the site.
Memory Joggers

  1. It was an animation contest (I am putting it in models because I am looking for a model, not the animations made with it)
  2. He was to get from one pillar to another, in the most creative way possible.
  3. Pillars were blue
  4. the guy had red ball joints and no mouth.

Once again, it would mean a ton to me if anyone had or knew where I could find this model.

I think this is the BAC thread you are looking for.

and one step beyond that, check out this site. I’m pretty sure it has that character on it as well. http://www.blendswap.com/3D-models/category/characters/