Lost my Z values

Hello, im really new to blender, infact i couldnt even work out how to start my own thread!!
Here is my real problem though, and i think the answer will be really simple or not possible:
i have real life topography, i created a .ply file in paraview then imported this into blender, great looks good. The issue lies in the Origin, i lose my original Z values as the origin is taken at the centre of the x and y coods (100m x 100m area); so all my z values are offset. really need them back to lay some accurate vertices and faces
any ideas?

this should be in the support forum, but i’ll hazard an answer anyway.

if you know by what value the z is offset (easily found by checking the original value of the vertex on one of the corners, and cross checking with the new value) you can move the whole mesh up/down in the z direction by that amount.

ps. be sure that the z offset is similar (within tolerance) on all 4 corners.