lost objects in 2.49 how to get back ?

ok i have lost some of the objects in a 2.49 file

and not certain how to get these back in viewport ?

i can see the name of the objects in outliner but don’t see these anymore in viewport ?

check if back up file in tmp folder was there but don’t see any of these objects either !

did try the Alt-H but don’t seems to show anything hidden!

well the object seems to be shown in outliner but not in viewport !
so is there any other way to get these objects back ?

thanks for any help

Select in outliner, then press Numpad period in 3dview.

or check if you’re not in Local view (press Numpad /)

i did do that but the object don’t appear in viewport

still can see in outliner that the object and mesh are there but not visible in viewport
but no indication on the right of the outliner as it is invisible ect…

very strange

i’ll load the file

there should be a couple of yellow objects like conduits elbow ect…

sorry got to go for 3 hours
be back this afternoon!

have a nice day



zmotor1.blend (1.8 MB)

That’s quite a list of objects. Which do you say are missing?

btw, you should look up about non-manifold meshes. Some of your models seem to suffer from it. It’s not really a good thing

Interesting. The only way I could get the object in view is by dragging the object icon from the outliner into the 3dview. This only works in 2.5 btw.

But no idea why it doesn’t show up in the normal way.


AARGH!!.. the objects are in another layer…

first row on right WOW
did not see that one coming! LOL

don’t know how it got there
everything was on layer one!
i must have touche some keys and the transfert happen

by the way did you ever see any large generators like that from cat
did search but could not find much out there or in forum here!

some one somewhere must have model this before!

thanks man