Lost on the Moon

Work for the competition of illustrations in the community USSR-2061.


Wow nice regolith and lighting, no silly ambient from sky. Only thing that worries me is the specualrity on the object, its to hot. Have you used a curve on the color management?

Thank you! I added this effect in GIMP to attract attention to the object.

I like your creation,i hope you win in the competition.
I like the emblem, the grey dust and rocks.

i like the overall look. but the blur at the photos edges doesnt make sense to me. if you keep the crosses that show the size, you have to make the whole picture sharp. i dont remember any hasselblad pictures from the moonlandings with depth of field problems. dof is used way too often on blender projects in my opinion.

Heres an image that shows the shallow depth of field but the lens was probably 50mm full frame, so not a closeup lens like the OP.

Thank you very much! But the contest is already long over and I lost.

Thanks, I will heed your advice in future works.