Lost Orthographic Views

I’m working on a scene where, for some reason, my orthographic views have become useless–I can’t tell if I’m too far in or out or what, but there’s nothing there. The default camera still shows my stuff, but I can’t get the orthographics to reset–tried hitting “Home”, tried resetting things in “numeric”…

Is there a simple “reset objects to fit ortho view” button?

Try Shift+C, it should recenter your view so that all objects are shown.

Hi, PR–
Actually, that one didn’t work, either. I did manage to figure out that I’d zoomed way, way out somehow, and took a long trip back in so things are OK now, but I’m concerned that Shift+C didn’t work, nor “Home”

Shift+C and Home work in general, just not on this file. Whoops. It’s not particularly big or heavy–definetely not past the Blender 1000 unit squirrellyness. Maybe I’ll cut the objects out nd paste them into another scene before it gets weirder.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the reply!
Turns out I was zoomed way, way out and neither Home nore Shift+C would work on this scene. Don’t know why–it’s not particularly large or heavy, certainly not near Blender’s 1000BU squirrellyness…

I’m just going to cut stuff out and paste it into a new scene before things get weirder…

Thanks again!