Lost Planet [V.S]

i thinked to make some thing better then a car well i got this Machine:-:cool:

hope u like it and also i need to know what i did wrong in it!:eyebrowlift2:

update will be soon…:evilgrin:

The legs. Those straight edges don’t look right. Try just a straight plane, it might looks better. Widen out the feet and add some extra detail, such as the usual mech style feet. They usually do it that way for a reason. =).

Cool…I think it should have a head, other than the broadening of feet, as Krayon already said.

Well making head is bit harder then making body…
and also i wasnt making transformers it was a Robot from LostPlanet it dont have head:-
like this see:-
games one is cool but mine =X
ok here is the update: