Lost rotation ability for armature as well as cameras

The title describes it pretty well.

I’m currently running 2.69 and for some reason the ability to hotkey, using R dropped off the map.

In order to rotate a portion of the armature (a variation of Rigify used by Lee Salvemini) I have to resort to the N panel X/Y/Z angles,which is cumbersome but works. But I can’t activate the “R” hotkey. Additionally, I can’t rotate cameras in the work window either although I can change angles as well through the n panel.

However, the "R" hotkey does work in the edit mode.

Any clues on this …

Check that you haven’t turned on Manipulate Center Points in Object Mode.

Ahhh … llea … lu … yah !! Alleluah, alleluah! Ahhh … llea … lu … yah !!

It works. Gracias