Lost shapekeys moving model from 2.49b to 2.57

Hi all,
So any ideas? I rigged and animated this thing ages ago, and am just trying to move to 2.5x. The shapekeys aren’t being labeled ‘Disabled’ and their drivers are still there with their correct ipo curves, and the shapekeys themselves are still here. Or rather ‘labels’ for them are…the actual model deformations are just gone! Or somehow [I’m not yet familiar with] disabled.
I tried running the ‘Help > FCurve/Driver Version fix’, but it tells me I’m missing the ‘animsys_refactor’ module…? I’m currently trying to hunt that problem down as well.

Any help would be appreciated!

When you first open your blend, from the menu choose Help->F-Curve/Driver version fix
I believe this fixes most of the issues that arise porting shapekeys from earlier versions of blender (it’s worked for me in the past, at any rate!)

Yeah, I did that before I posted. I’ve come to realize that I’m having python issues… Nothing works. Blender 2.57b runs and loads fine, but whenever I try to run a script or do something that runs a script from the included “modules” directory, it simply doesn’t see it. I can explore the blender package and find it manually, so I think it’s a path problem. But thanks for the reply.

If you upload the blend file, I’ll run the fix on it myself, and re-post it…