Lost the Model.

Unfortunately, my Center (the thing that looks like a lifesaver [ironic]) was somewhere floating out in space unkown and I pressed the C Key on my keyboard. Now I can’t seem to find my model.

Is there a way to snap my viewing window back to the model? Because I was on a roll and I’d sincerely like to finish this.

I believe you can just push shift-s and choose what you want from the menu that pops up.

If your model is selected, press the Numpad-dot (.) key and your view will center on the selection. If your model is not selected, then first try selecting it from the Outliner… then use Numpad-dot.

Thank you for your quick replies. Is there a way to put the Center in the same general position of the model? Because no matter how much I left-click, the Center doesn’t seem to want to show up, and I wish to prevent this same incident from happening more than once.

My apologies if my terminology is off.

Shift+S->Cursor to Selection (assuming your model is selected)

Shift+C will place the 3D cursor back in the world origin if it has strayed away.