Lost the use of Solid Shader

Newbie here with a silly problem on Blender 2.58

Working on a project recently and have somehow turned off / disconnected the Solid Shader view - now appears only as wireframe. All editing and transformation functions still active.

The problem is definitely limited to this one file as I can load others successfully but when I tested this one on 2.65 I had the same result.

Any help greatly appreciated (and will be repaid as soon as I get my skills up!)


In the properties window under Object (cube icon) / Display, endure toy have set the display type to Textured. If is set to Wireframe, that is what you will ses for that object irrespective of the viewport display type

Also please use the support forums for support questions.
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Richard: examined display type as directed but, alas, no joy (already set to Textured.) Thanx anyway.
Apologies for the misplacement of the thread.

Attach or post a link to your blend file

Are you perhaps just in Wireframe mode (Z key)? Just a thought.