Lost time

Some old stuff, rendered with Yafray.

C&C are welcome


Your caustics are really nice and those textures are well chosen.
Excepted maybe the one on the cylindre on the bottom of the picture (don’t know how to call it !). The all picture looks realistic so this texture sounds quite strange, according to me.

Nice job anyway.

Very well textured and rendered but the caustics look a little suss consider turning up the amount of photons and that pin looking think at the bottom of the screen looks too flat for the texture thats on there. Otherwise its great, very realistic.

Right, I had the same impression. I have made some improvements based on your comments, what do you think about this one ?


Hmm… I think the lens needs some scratches, looks great though :smiley:

The gear and gadget looks pretty new aren’t they suppose to be broken.

THe textures good though

Add some mirror to those metal parts. And some better color.

if you can’t afford a higher photon count, try a higher blur value on the photons, it will make it look more smooth!

Agree with all your comments and I have already prepared a new and improved version. Here it is. I have used the HDRI for the light and made some postprocesses in PS.


this is really cool- shows a lot of understanding of what goes into a watch (unless thats jsut a bunch of random cogs lol)
great texturing and composition too :smiley:


Looks much better like this.
Did you use zblur for the blur or is it part of the postprod ?

Those metal parts have texture too much similar, to the wood under them.

But overal its almost perfect, and i see you improved the look of lens (you added light refraction?). 8)

The configuration of the image allowed me to use blur filter in PS, it was simplier to impement otherwise I would have probably used the Zblur plugin which works fine.

Ok, thanks, in many cases, Ps is much easier to use than zblur.
Once again, nice job.

That is really really nice! :o

The DOF feeling boosts the image quality techically and artistically…I really loved the work.