LOST YOUTH (A 2.5D Platformer I'm working on)

Been working on this one for a while. I focused more on art and atmosphere to create a beautiful experience in a ruined world. Its simply about a lost boy trying to survive in what’s left of the world, and it will incorporate parkour and hopefully swimming mechanics. I want it to be short but rewarding.
Credit goes to artemisart for the bus stop, & DennisH2010 for two of the buildings.
Here are some screenshots:


Another screenshot

Looks interesting and I like the graphical style, but I think you should cut back on the mist just a bit :wink:

Something to think about is why the 2.5D camera setup? Try create a mechanic to why it should be 2.5D instead of 2D so it has a great purpose, otherwise it is just a 2D platformer… which, in its genre, usually has a perpendicular camera. The reason I say this is because people don’t like change… it’s simply human; people are used to standard platformers, and without a motief, they might not want to try the new camera setup. A good example of this would be FEZ; it has a very different camera orientation and general gameplay, but the mechanic makes it interesting and fun :slight_smile: – disregard this if you like, just my two cents.

Look forward to seeing more.

Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely deal with the mist. When I said 2.5D I meant 3D graphics from a 2D sidescrolling perspective haha. Didn’t mean a 2.5D viewpoint (No funky angles. I agree about the traditional sideways perspective). Sorry I wasn’t clear about that! It will play just like any 2D platformer except it will have 3D models. Thanks again for the feedback!

Graphics are all fine and good, but what will sell this is gameplay. Don’t be a “Yo Frankie”. Have excellent gameplay and good graphics, instead of a pretty, unplayable mess.

get where you’re coming from YKTG_ZX and i definitely will keep that in mind. When i said i was focusing more on art, I didn’t mean I was going to throw gameplay to the wind haha. I just wanted to use visual story-telling to create an experience that remains with the player even after they have stopped playing. I want it to play well too, so at the very beginning I prototyped the gameplay with cubes to make sure the game could be fun to play even BEFORE the graphics and art went in. No one likes pretty, unplayable messes :]