"Lot XYZ Rot" in IK Chains problem (2.40)

Th release notes for 2.40 say that…

“DoF and rotation limits are defined with respect to the rest position of the bone” for bones in IK chains. I take this to mean that if you set Lock Rot for all 3 axies of a bone it would remain in it’s rest postion relative to its parents once you enter pose mode.

However, sometimes a bone with all axies locked takes a completely new rotation (in pose mode) which seems to have no relation to it’s rest postion.

Anyone else noticed this? Or is it my problem?


seems to have no relation to it’s rest postion.

Does it have any relation to the Target(s) of the Constraint(s). In the constraint tab is a “Rot” button.


no, the rot button doesn;t make a difference

it’s something to do with my armature. i can’t replicate it although it has happened on armature i made in this version

I noticed, and posted a bug in the tracker. and maybe it’s fixed now.

Thanks Gabio, that saves me a day of frustration. It’s the only problem i’ve come across though…