LOTR extended edition soundtracks to be released next year...


no offence, but im kind of a soundtrack junkie and dont rember them being that spectacular apart from the main theme. just my opinion.

WTF. Go sit in the corner. That was some great music.

LotR Fan:
Is he just adding a bit on to the soundtrack? So all he’s doing is screwing fans like he did with the DVDs George Lucas-style.

Nope, the extended editions of the movies were totally re-scored and my current soundtracks are missing some sweet music. For example, if you have the extended movies listen to the part where Eowyn is in the houses of healing. So it’s not just the DVD’s, there’s actually a lot more music too.

[Edit] Just to give an idea: The current soundtracks have one CD per movie. The new soundtrack will have two CDs for Fellowship of the Ring, and 3 CDs each for the last two movies.

[Edit 2] Just found the song I was talking about for download - amazingly beautiful. Arwen’s song

[Edit 3] Hmm, just found this on Howard Shore’s web site, but I found no mention of the other two movies… Goes music hunting

[Edit 4] Just found the complete recordings of TTT and FOTR on amazon! Based on closer scrutiny of Howard Shore’s site, I guess ROTK isn’t out yet.:frowning:


Didn’t lucas do something similar with the Episode I soundtrack…because I have the extended version that sounded like it was lifted directly from the movie. Only redeeming quality of that movie was it’s extended soundtrack…

I like the Star Wars music too and own the tracks to all 6 movies, but I personally think the LOTR soundtrack blows Star Wars out of the water. Ducks behind flameproof shield

Yeah, Howard Shore owns John Williams, they’re both great, but… You know… That sounds sweet :smiley: I will definitely have to get those