LOTR Fans: Silmarillion?

I’m just curious to know how many Lord of the Rings fans have read it. My experience has been that often people who consider themselves diehard fans haven’t actually read it. I enjoyed Lord of the Rings, but I only got about three pages into the Silmarillion when I gave up on it. How about you guys?

The first chapter, Ainulindalë, is the myth of creation of the LOTR universe, the second chapter, Valaquenta, is a hierarchical description of divinities, so unless you really want all the tiny details, you can safely skip those two and jump directly into the Quenta Silmarillion, which is the “main” story.

Due to the unfinished status of the writin, the story jumps around or falls in long descriptive narrations often, which makes it a rather hard read (not even mentioning the flurry of names of places, people, events you’ll have to remember).

On the historical scale of things, Silmarillion covers a much much more bigger slice of middle earth history than LOTR.

If you’re looking for a more polished story, I highly recommend Children of Húrin (by Christopher Tolkien, based on writings by his dad), but for the grand scheme of things, nothing beats the Silmarillion.


Yes…Yes…and once again…YES…I also would recommend the Children of Hurin.('Tis a great book too.)

I voted ‘yes’, but technically I’m in the middle of reading it. It really is worth it to read the first few chapters as well, you get a good understanding of how Melkor became Morgoth and the creation of the dwarves and stuff. My favorite part so far has been the story of Beren and Luthien. I’m looking forward to getting to the part about the 3rd age as well, maybe learn a bit more about the the forging of the rings of power and The One.

I read the Silmarillion three times. Very dry. It reads like the Old Testament – of the Elves. It has chapters that are dense enough to be turned into entire novels.


I read the Hobbit, and LOTR ,

Yet I have not seen any of the movies all the way through , They come one TV, and I get about 20 minuets into it, and I get very very board. All special effects and verr little of the story… it was like a British drama, Very dry, boring, and long winded.

I was a hard core starwars fan too, but after Return Of the Jedi, I have totally lost interest in any moves.
I saw the first of the Pod racer movie, and said to myself… OMG! even Disney never made anything this gay. It was like a bad Saturday morning cartoon… they had the cool kid, and the stupid cute little sidekicks .

Errr… I read the audiobook. :slight_smile:
There was music which felt good when it stopped.
Luckily for me, the reader was a Briton and that made the whole business a lot faster since those islanders skip many vowels and consonants. Well it sounded like the Bible, that’s true, so much so that I had to read the book at the same time just to follow; kind of like having subtitles… hence my reading of the audiobook.


yeh avoid at first the first 2 chapters at first. Actually read ‘of the rings of power and the third age’. Its like a history lesson as such not really character driven rather than plot. Then you can back track to to the other chapters about the first dark lord n stuff and turin - you put the time i the book will pay off…

I’ve read Silmarillion just once, but it took me almost 6 months to get from cover to cover… It was extremely slow to read. So my choice is yes.