LOTR premier photos (do come and look)


some of the photos i took at the party thingy.

these were not all of them but enough (about 1/4 of them LOL)

anyway you probably are not interested but if you want to see some stars then have look (i was there OoOoOoO0)


nice photos.
Why did you take them, hobbie or job?

BTW is that the hand of the annoying woman in no. 5?

Fun pics! Thanks :slight_smile:

Where did this take place?

LOL KANE yes it is annoying womans hand. i have a few shots with onyl her hand ha ha ha ha.

well i took the photos because i have a digital camera and thought, hey lets take some photos at the world premier. so basicly i thought (why not :p)

rwv01 this took place in Wellington, New Zealand.

estimated crowd size of 125,000 people (about 1/4 of the citys population LOL)

the LOTR’s was filmed here in New Zealand and the director persuaded new line cinemas to let him have the world premier here :smiley:

anyway enjoy, they are doing an LA premier next, i think its tommorow, but anyway they are doing the wntire world.

(BTW LOTR was only finished last week ha ha ha ha)


You lucky bloody bastard!!! I am so green with envy right now, i bet it was awesome!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

You know I hate you, right :smiley:



I wish I’d borrowed a digital camera. It looks like you found a good place to watch from.

I walked all the way up to Courtney Place to watch - they had big screens set up to show the interviews with cast & crew.

The Uruk-hai were cool - they’d pick a woman standing on the rails, and run at her and yell RRAAAARRRRGH!!


damn man get on my MSN and organise an NZ blender confrence ha ha ha

damn boy, i didn’t realise you were in NZ in wellywood

and at Massey for that matter

i am at Massey design school first year.

i have a few other wellingotn and NZ blenderers, so maybe we could have a confrence at massey some time (in their cool computer labs in the design school LOL)

i hope you had fun.

did you watch the free screening afterwards.


>>Harkyman sinks teeth into own hand to quell feelings of intense jealousy<<

Is that Sean Astin getting out of his ride to schmooze with the crowd? Is that Liv Tyler in a strapless dress?

>>Teeth further, but Harkyman stops, because hitting bone will give him the willies<<

And I’m glad to see that the mayor jailed the homeless so you could get such nice, unobstructed shots. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! Those are awesome!

I’ve finished Massey (at Palmerston North)

I didn’t stay for the screening - I live out in the Hutt & I had to catch a train. :frowning:

A wellywood Blender conference would be cool - who’s inviting Peter Jackson?

well i’ll dress up as peter jackson aye.

i live in Newlands :slight_smile:

and we would get shape shifter AKA GFX idiot AKA GX monkey, AKA rich from down south

and lots of international people said they would come LOL



Mornië utúlië

Mornië alantië

Cool pictures, I wish I was there to see some people from the movie. :smiley: And to see some chars fromt the movie like the orcs, or undeath. :stuck_out_tongue: