LOTR special edition DVDs on Aug 29th...

This page says it all… link

I hope they’re out long enough for me to get them. I don’t have much money right now because there isn’t enough work for me around the shop… EEEEE! supresses excitement

If you don’t get them, I’m sure someone will be buying it to sell on Ebay for a profit, so if you don’t get the money on time, you can check Ebay.

Nobody else interested? Ah, well… I guess I’m just a huge geek.:smiley:

They won’t be in Oz 'till December.

I’ve already got all the extended box sets so I don’t think I need these.

So do I, but these have the extended edition and the regular edition of the movie on one disc, no more switching discs in the middle of the movie. (Although you might have to flip the disc…) Plus the new documentary material might be worth it.

Perhaps I’ll just be forced to agree with you! :wink:

Me too, but my username is a bit more subtle about it :wink:

Wait until 2008 and you’ll get the same in high definition format.
Wait until 2028 and you’ll get to see Liv Tyler naked, if you still want to see that.
Wait until… ah just look around on ebay, all those geeks who want the new version usually end up selling the older ones.