LOTR - "The One Ring"

(Natron) #1

Here is a WIP picture of “the one ring” inspired by Lord of the Rings.
I will be putting it in a scene once I get all the modeling\materials tweaked out.
Feel free to comment, critique and suggest away. :slight_smile:



(djfuego) #2

There needs to be more shine to the ring. Looks very dull. Good engraving though.

(S68) #3

I agree on dullnes,

Engraving is very nice, but looks a little raised, rather than sunken


(Alltaken) #4

i think it needs to be seen on a background of snow.

or a white plain/backgroung to make the regflections look more realistic.

and personally i would have the lettering on the ring larger because i think it was a little larger on the movie

perhaps put a halo on the white shinny spots so as to look really reflective.
(like twinkly teeth)

nice work
i live in middle earth (new zealand)
so i see a lot of the ring on tv

([email protected]) #5

alt the ring changed size to fit the wearer, as for dull i dont really agree it seems fine as it is, i think however that the chain is too shiney its the contrast the ring is great but it looks too realistic for the chain, work a bit more on the matirial of the chain or somehow get a reflection on the chain like u have with the ring that would have it set i think…

(blengine) #6

awesome picture, looks like the ‘engraving’ is popping out instead of chiseled in… im not sure if its suppose to do that but i kinda remember that it was engraved so click your nor button the other way =)
cant wait to see the scene 8)

(Idgas) #7

looks really good. I agree with the consenses though. It needs to be a bit shinnier.

(sten) #8

there is some bad AA artifacts too - badly 8)

otherwise it is a great start !

(Idgas) #9

ztonzy what is a AA

(Natron) #10

Update. Did a little compositing and worked on some of the material settings.
Thanks for all the comments and critiques. Really helps alot. keep ‘em comin’. :slight_smile:



(sten) #11

AA stands for AntiAliasing, which means smoothing out sharp and steap angels and also sharp borders…

it is the OSA button in the Display Buttons in Blender,
or rather if you like F10 button on your keyboard

yours 8)

(S68) #12

Is there a bumpmap on the ring?

I can see vertical inset lines, as for scratches, but too regular.

Ring shouldn’t be scratched at all… you know, nothing less than the Fire of Mount Doom could harm it


(Natron) #13

Yes S68. What you see is accidental bump mapping on the ring. I messed up the cordinates for one of my nor maps and was to lazy to fix it. :slight_smile:


(bg3D) #14

pleeeeease! NO MORE RINGS!

(Natron) #15

? :-?


(Turrin) #16

Good pic! My only crit is to use the actual lettering of the ring. What you have is not the language of Mordor, Imladris.

Of course, this is coming from a Lord of the Rings fanatic.


(Natron) #17

I am also a Lord of the rings fanatic and I totally agree, Turrin. But its quite difficult to locate a Imladris font. Unless of course I could scan or make my own. Which I might have to do.


(stukkm) #18

great ring man! looks absolutely fabulous.

(CharlieB) #19

I was about to say the same thing and I am glad that both you and Natron recognized it. Its good to know that there are educated people out there. :smiley: :o