no problem, go right ahead. Mine isn’t quite finished, but when it will be I’ll let you know.
I also corrected the website in my signature… I had a / instead of a “.” I’m too much of a /.er :wink:

lol. thx dude

just one question…how do i take two files and merge them…how would i take my helmet and put it in a different file? i know ive done it before but i forget. can someone tell me?


nvm, i just figured it out again

ok heres a test render, and i think i have a problem. just look for yourself. the eyelid things look weird. maybe its just me, but i need to know if that is bad or good…or how i can fix it



oh and…uh…are my renders too big? i dont want people complaining, and it seems like nobody else uses renders this big.

renders are not too big for me.

It seems that the eyelid protectors are a little too big. Maybe you should consider putting some kind of viewing in it?
otherwise it’s impressive!

I think you have to try to get rid of the triangles in the mesh of the eyelids. I think those triangles causes the problem. You can do this by selecting two triangles and pres [J] ore [Alt]+[J], Iam not sure.


selet the boittom of the eyelid thigns and hit extrude.

It will sqaure them,

hm…lol ill try the easyer way…nayman,lol.oh and tell me when i can use yer goblin goeland.

BWAHAHAHA!!! conquerer of the triangles!!! anywho, heres the render


goeland, i can think of a way to move the eye things…i need them somewhere cause they look kool, but if i move them and only put like one for the nose, it will look odd. i think its fine how they are, the orc will just have to deal with not being able to see :wink: lol

ah,sorry for flooding this thread with renders…anywas, i filled the gap between the inside of the helmet and the outside. i think its pretty much finished now. just tell me if there is anything else needed to be done


Just one thing to do(in my opinion), smooth down the edges on the bottom of those eye things. now it looks like a piece of paper with steel textures

Nice helmet though. keep blendering!!


will do man, will do.

i didnt ever notice that. thx for pointing it out

Nice helmet, but I was wondering how does the monky looks? I know he is doing it with its eye’s, but I think he isn’t seeing anything except the helmet :stuck_out_tongue:

(and for me the render is a little bit to big :expressionless: )

oop…sorry guys. ill continue this wip shortly…ive been gone, and my computer is screwed. so when i get it fixed i will finish it.