lots of my glsl scenes

hi these are lots of small scenes i have been working on


some more of my scenes


some of the props used and a human head


dude, really impressive!

Very nice! But I think most of them are to high poly to be realistically usable scenes in the BGE… :eek: 11, 000 polygons on your islands scene? Where are they all?..

I reckon if you up the emit value of your snow, and give it a nice soft spec, it’ll look really good. Keep up the work :slight_smile:

yea the islands scene was the first one i did there are s**t loads of plants behind the camera aswell(i been playing crysis too much!)

Hey cool stuff man.

11,000 is too much for the BGE? That’s news to me. I had 100,000 polys all in the same frame with a 2048 res shadow map on a glsl spot light and was getting 40 fps?

I have a 15,000 poly scene fully textured with physics, controls, 2d effects, etc and that never ever falls below the maxed 60 fps. I have an 8800 gts.

11,000 might be a bit much for a BGE character (many other engines often go higher than that per character) but for a level it’s quite reasonable. You have to remember that we’re not running these scenes on N64s any more.

The modeling on the scenes is good, but I think they really want Ao to place everything together. If you give all the statics a separate UV map and unwrap them all to the same engine, you can bake AO to everything with one map (remember to turn off clearing before you try to bake more than one object to the same image).