Lots of My Work

Well… this is the first time I’ve submitted my work to public forum… but I always aim for simplicity in my work, but while achieving a great effect. Hope you like it!!!


Here are a few more pictures


I’ll be awaiting criticism!!! Some of this stuff I did was back when I first started, and I love any feedback… but if you are going to say something negative then at least say something I can do to improve it!!!

They all look like tests to me.

Some of the images need better contrast, the glass in one image you can’t see the whole thing and the image with the bricks could have shadows in the halo and the contrast is very weak. Some could benefit from contrast adjustments, material tweaks, and AO, and the image of the glass with the balls, the scratchyness kind of kills it.

Oh, and I’d populate your scenes with more objects.

Ever consider participating in the Weekend Challenges here on BlenderArtists?

Oh, almost forgot, all in all these images can be a lot better with more work, read the mediawiki and apply what you learn to these images for example.

I’ve always wanted to take my art to a higher level, and I’ve never really “completed” my works just because I always think theres more to be done with all pieces of work, but do you think its good enough to participate?

Oh and cyborg dragon by the way the “scratchyness” is because they are compressed photos so its a little bit poor quality

You should get a gallery at Photobucket or imageshack, I don’t have one at either site but Imageshack allows you to upload images without creating an account.

I understand what you mean about there always being more to be done, but I reserve that attention to my longer term projects.

Yeah, I think you’re good enough to participate in the challenges. Plus they’re fun to do (I think anyway). You could stop by there and check out the other entries and see how you’d match up. While you’re there you can vote on them too. (There’s a link to the weekend challenges in my signature)

Personally, I use the challenges as a learning tool. Each week I participate I try to focus on something (lighting, particles, armatures, whatever) and try to learn something new. I haven’t done very many, or won yet, but I still enjoy it. :slight_smile: