Lots of questions

okay, I’m making a 3ps and I’ve encountered alot of problems:

  1. On my gun, I’ve got it working, but it’s very frustrating because when I made my empty,
    its not showing up… It’s there and I can edit it and stuff, but its hidden, or invisible or something, but I didn’t hit anything other than space-add-mesh-empty mesh is this something I did wrong, or is it my operating system? because I’ve been looking at and using social’s fps template and those emptys are showing up fine.

2.When I was making my main character I wanted parts of his armor to be reflective, so
I used the tut on the blender site, but it wasn’t working for me, but I did everything it said to if someone could post a link to another tut that’d be great.

3.How do I make an HUD? any tutorials would be helpful, I already have my health bar made and I know how to make it work and stuff, so do I just parent it, or is this something python related?

To avoid unecessary questions, here is some more info:
I am not a noob trying to do something too big, I have made a few other games already that I didn’t post. I am an intermediate user of blender

No, I don’t know any python, though I will be studying it next week. (extensively)

I am using blender 2.47 on a Mac OS X leopard

I am hoping someone can help me,
and Thanks all in advance!

P.S. I won’t be on again till tomorrow, so feel free to comment or answer, but don’t be upset if I don’t reply.

On #3. an HUD can be mad by creating a new scene then setting it as an overlay.
This tends to be the best method, especially if you are planning on having multiple levels.
To do this just have your camera have this logic brick setup.
Always(pulse mode off) – and – Scene-Overlay-(type the name of your HUD scene)
Make sure the always sensor is set to pulse mode off(this makes it only happen once), so that it doesn’t keep adding the overlay over and over and over.

Hope that helps!

If you don’t know Python, then you’re not an intermediate user of Game Blender.

As for HUD’s: in their simplest form, they are literally 3D objects parented in front of a camera. What they look like and how they display the information is up to you.

@ minifig, thanks that should really help me out! :smiley:
@ chaser, That may mean something, but not all games require python, and evrything else except armatures I’m pretty good at, but this was just to avoid unecessary and uncalled for acusation of trying to be a hotshot n00b, because I see that alot in these forums.

Uno. Do you mean the empties aren’t showing up in the game or the 3D view? They have no faces, so they don’t show up in the game. If it’s the 3D view that you can’t see them, they’re either on a different layer or scaled way down, is all I can think of.

Dos. Realtime reflections? Or reflection maps? True realtime reflections aren’t possible in the game engine (although some people have experimented with different methods before). Reflection maps are an easy alternative to make something look reflective. Just UV-map a reflection image to your armor (I would just make it alternating shades of gray), then in the UV/Image editor, select Image>Realtime Texture Mapping>Reflection.

Tres. Overlay scene. I believe that falls in the “Intermediate” category.

Now blend… BLEND!