lots of stolen stuff on turbosquid

I have been looking through turbosquid, to get an idea of prices, etc… and have found lots of stolen stuff, like the incaman blender game, a guy has that on there, etc… jsut a bit weird that ts doesn’t use some form of verification on the models.

these days artists pretty much need to protect their own work.


Once, i found my Alien Queen on Turbosquid.
I sent a mail to the administration and some links to prove it was mine and they banned the “artist” from their site.

Plus since Alltaken only offered it in .blend format no one bought it.

you mean alltaken was the seller? :stuck_out_tongue:


What? %|

RIFK = Rolling in the Floor Kicking

Ah, thanx :slight_smile:
I suspected something like that, even if i dont get why

why are you kicking? is that the thing when homer gets on the floor and he’s kicking and he spins in a circle?

Actually it’s an intentional misspelling of ROFL.

The whole kicking thing sounds apocryphal.


i could make lots of money selling peoples blender work.