Lots of WIP's - Improving my modelling Mk2

I was going to revive the original thread, but in the end decided to make a new one. Ill post some WIP’s in here, and finished models as-well. Any help along the way would be great. Ill mainly be modelling to my strengths (which are limited…). Ill just dump whatever project im currently working on in here.

Here are two to start you off…

Current Model:


Chest of Drawers

Modelling some headphones atm

Almost finished the modelling of the headphones now…What would be the best way to crinkle the ear muffs as they reach the edge? Im guessing a bump map would work ok, or sculpting?

Progress on my Headphones, some base materials are down…Need to model the joint between the top and bottom half of the head arch.

Good stuff! Probably go with sculpting on the ear parts, or just make them really high poly and start yanking some vertices inward :slight_smile:

Modelled a lego man. I may remodel the arms, as they were a bit of a pain. But the rest was pretty easy. I will rig it and get it working, and may even dive into some animation to make something very very short. Ive got a few ideas, and I have always wanted to look into animation more.

Nice one, I like the materials on the headphones a lot.

Thanks…I was just about to upload an updated render of the beats :slight_smile:
Not much has changed…added the logo on the side, with a brushed metal effect (which can’t be seen so well). Still need to add some wrinkles to the earmuffs, but for whatever reason, sculpting just never seems to work properly for me. Always seems very sharp and jagged