lotsa volumetric lights(kinda corny)

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This is what i cooked in an hour. It’s not much, I don’t even know why I posted it, but today is Blender day for me, so I’ll work and post in Blender all day long. So here it is, my first post of the day.

I dunno if I should put it in the finished section, I think it’s still missing some flares. Flares are my weak point. Is there a rule for placing them relative to the light or something? Comments and suggestions welcome- even required :).

Copy and paste please.


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errr…maybe its just me, but it tells me its a 404 - à la geocities of course.

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Cust and Paste the link. Always for any Geocities link.

adyus - Not too bad. Yeah, a little corny, but hey, who hasn’t posted a corny image here before. I know I have.

As for the flares, I just put them where I think they should go, (i.e. on points where edges meet, sharp corners, etc.).

Keep up the good work.


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hey, thanks for the feedback. i was worried that NOBOdy was gonna write anything. I mean, it was viewed more than 50 times, and no comment. yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have posted it, but it wasn’t for showing, just to get my working morale up a notch.
Thanks for the flares tip. I noticed (is it true?) that the flares’ centers are on a line between the center of the camera and the main light source. true or false?

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Not bad…

1 - You’d get more answers if you’d’nt use GeoCities… many gets worried from having to cut and past those links (me, for example :stuck_out_tongue: )

2 - I assume that’s a iron plate with cut away lettering. If so, how can the inside of A, O etc. stand floating in air???

3 - What does ‘Adyus does Blender’ mean? I thoug that it was Ton who did Blender 8)

Keep it up


Ah, yes, for flares you are right, they’re on the line between camera center and flare emitter

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quick answers b4 going 2 bed:

  1. domains are expensive, sorry bout g-cities, know ne1 better?
    2.it’s a FLOATING iron plate, as in space :wink:
    3.kind of like “adyus hits broadway”, meaning i just started using blender
    tnx 4 da feedback

sorry bout the haxor talk, it’s faster