Lotus C01


This is a personal project I just finished.
Modeling and rendering in Blender (Cycles 1200 samples), composited in Nuke.


Awesome work dude, pretty realistic !!! The design is soo cool

Great work! Love it!

wow! what a great design and render!
Some retro feeling that I really like, that seems near steampunk to me!
I definitely love it!


Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Nice Job!!!

This is great! Lovely job. :slight_smile:

Beautiful work, Simon! The modeling and materials are terrific. I like the gold accent and badges. The lighting and compositing is also very tastefully done. I hadn’t heard of this vehicle before tonight- it looks so clean and sleek I wouldn’t have believed it was real!

Thanks a lot for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I can’t understand why this post only has 770 views. This work should be in the gallery IMO!!
I love all of this thread, the modeling, materials, the artistic choices.
Only one question, is this an your original design? I’d buy this motorbike blindly!!! amazing design!!!
Again congrats @Habauk!!! 5 star!!

this is great work!! cheers!!!

Thanks for those nice comments! It’s based on a design by Daniel Simon. I bet you have already seen some of his work before, he does pretty awesome stuff. Go check it out!
And since some of you have shown intentions in buying it: http://www.lotus-motorcycles.com/
Happy saving :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Habauk! I found your work because I am also trying to model this amazing motorbike… Your work on blender is astonishing, I was stuck on it for a while. Congrats!
I wanted to know how you manage to model the surface of the c-01 body? I’m using Catia V5 actually and I don’t find the front view which will help me to begin my work. Hope you can help me :slight_smile: