Lotus Flower

Rendered with the internal render, 2.5 hours. Later tonight I am going to re-render using YafRay with caustics. Please be gentle on the remarks.

haha, this reminds me of the oddessy and the Lotus eaters. The material on the petals is perfect!

Thanks Wunderlust. It’s not as good as I would have liked. But it turned out better than the rest of the textures.

For BI I think it looks about as good as it gets.
And yes… would love to see a Yafray and maybe a Indigo render as well.

The shapes of the petals are nice… but…
It looks like its made of plastic… I dont know if its the purpose, but if it is, i dont see the point. :S Also the middle part of it looks odd and flat.

Eradicor, the middle part is flat because it just is. Google it. Plastic? Hmm…I was going for glass. Guess it didn’t work. As far as it’s purpose for being glass, I don’t know. What’s the purpose of your goat-t serve?

Nice job, pbrad, i like it, pretty good for Blender internal!

For more of a glass look, I think you would need it be a little be harder. And some better lighting could benefit probably.
It’s one of those test, test, test, and retest to get the final renders looking good.
Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Dang…thats nice! :slight_smile:

Let me be more specific. The Leafs dont look like glass at all… They dont seem to have any depth in them… nor raybending… Try SSS or something… might work better, coz now they just look like material with Alpha value and Specularity hammered up on and some procedural on it. :S I am sorry, but thats what it looks like to me.

its cool but it doesnt look like a plant,more like jewelry.

Once the petals will be upgraded, it will be a wonderful piece of artwork!