Loud speaker with animation

And here is a test to see what i am trying to do

Rendering :slight_smile:

hmm, the motion of the speaker cone is somewhat unrealistic. You shouldn’t lowpass the audio waveform at all, which means you have to have, essentially… maybe 50 IPO points PER frame to make it realistic, then add motion blur. On the other hand, your materials and modeling look solid.

You are talking about the video? it is just for a test. For the final i will add of course motion blur

Here is a test with OpenGL

looks cool, although I think it’s displacing way too much, IRL a speaker like this would only move about 1mm, at the MOST, meaning at 100% volume, nearly at the verge of breaking the speaker. For artistic effect I suppose you have to animate it moving further, though.

1mm? not really. I have a lot of speakers in home and they just move like crazy one on, on 50% moves about 1 cm.

It depends how much big it is. But i think the same thing with Kemmler. In real world when we connect cable to the speaker. it moves to a position and then it vibrates