Seems like there is room for improvement. Any thoughts?

I know it’s a bit noisy.

Everything looks good right now except for the towel. It shouldn’t be perfectly straight and the material is off. I think Andrew Price has a towel tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEpsN1-W-Qw

What? Not a fan of Brillo’s line of towels? :slight_smile:

thanks for the tutorial. Watching now.

I’m intrigued by that brush on the hook :slight_smile:

Things that i notice:
The board between the drapery and the tiles could start to bend of where the drapery starts to bend to the left, now i get the feeling it will be way to broad for a normal board.

Why from all the beautiful shots of bathroom did you chose this one?

LOL. Jerry. It’s from my bathroom; though, our bathroom doesn’t have nice tile like this. It’s directly adjacent from the loo, so it’s something I look at pretty frequently and associate with relief and relaxation :stuck_out_tongue:

Standby for update. Busy crashing blender with too much geometry.

Not sure what you mean. Do you mean the pinkish form on the left next to the shower curtain? This is (supposed) to be a bathtub liner. Does it not render this way?

I agree with Jacob that the towel is too stiff. Just adding a couple of levels of Multi-res and sculpting in some wrinkles might help. If you have a similar type of towel rack at home, take a look at how the towel hangs from it, even when “neatly” hung. There’ll be a softness to it.

Also, if the loufa is the “focal point”, you might want to consider changing the color scheme. As it is, the eyes are “drawn” to the towel because everything else around it is either close to a “neutral” color or some shade of blue or green, which makes the towel, being a bright yellow, stand out more. The tub area seems to be getting a bit of a reddish tint that isn’t present anywhere else too. Not sure if that’s from the texture or the lighting, though.

You might consider playing around with your color palette some. It’s mostly blues and greens and greys outside of that reddish tinge and the yellow tile. If one is because of the lighting color, maybe making that along the blue spectrum, along with maybe making the towel a dark blue, might tighten up the color palette while still giving you visual interest and a focus on the loufa because it would then become the “brightest” object and the one that stands out. You may even try taking the hues from the blue-green tile and use that to base the color of everything that you want to “blend” into the scene, varying the saturation and values to get subtle variations

Overall, I think you have a great image going here, and just a few tweaks could help this start to stand out.

Looks pretty nice overall. I like the sponge and the tile.

Like others have pointed out, the towel needs some imperfecting.

What stands out to me, though, is I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at when it comes to the shower curtain (I think that’s what it is). Or, is that a window curtain? The reason I’m not entirely sure is because there seems to be a white trim or white tile that begins before the curtain. I can’t tell if that is the beginning of a side wall tile trim that leads into the shower or if that is some kind of window trim (painted white wood)? Maybe its just me, but that is what stood out critique-wise.