Lounge room (feedback needed)

I’m back on an old project, for which I had already done a thread about 2 years ago. I had a break from Blender but now I want to finish this room. You can find the previous thread here to know more about it.

I reworked some details but I would like some feedback on what you think of the hole picture :

  • From an artistic point of view, I’d say it isn’t very interesting and I don’t know exactly what to change.
  • From a technical point of view, I want to go for realism, so please tell me everything that doesn’t seem right to you.

The background books lack some detail, so don’t take them into account.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Owl doesn’t seem to have much detail(use something else or try to make it better). Chairs need some sculpt. Try some different lighting setup. Speakers seems to have exactly the same wood texture just scale it or move it a bit up or down to look a little different. I like evrything else and especially the monkey this image fits really good with the speakers and your environment.

The woodgrain on the speakers should run top to bottom, a cabinet maker would not make them like that… I like the scene though.

Cheers, Clock.


@fantasyworksho9 :
I added some subsurface scattering on it, that’s probably why it doesn’t look detailed enough, I’ll try to lower it. It’s supposed to be porcelain.
For the sculpt, I confess I’ve almost never tried it, but I’ll search for tutorials on the subject.
You’re right about the same textures… I’ve never noticed it would be a problem.

@clockmender :
What do you mean by top to bottom ? There is a reference of the real cabinet : http://www.telesables.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/focal-jmlab-aria-906-NW.jpg. I didn’t use an exact texture but I thought it would look quite similar.

Thanks for your opinions.

Eeeeek! Woodgrain running front to back, OK then if that’s what it is, I just think it would look better and more realistic to the “menuisier’s” trade, if the grain was turned through 90 degrees… I cannot ague with the reference photo though.

Cheers, Clock.

That’s plywood I think, so I suppose the orientation of the grain doesn’t matter ? Maybe I’m wrong.

I wouldn’t worry about it - it’s probably veneered plywood or MDF.

Carry On!

Cheers, Clock…

I think you could try increasing the light, and maybe even making it slightly warmer. Blender has a blackbody node that takes care of the light color perfectly, you just set the value (in kelvin - the higher, the colder) and it works perfectly

and if you increase the light you could try filmic color management, it will give you better results. Andrew Price explains it here

hope this helps :-)!

Thanks Davzeppelin for your advice but in fact I’m already using filmic ^^
For the lighting, I’m using a environment texture (which gives a blue color) and a sun which has a slight yellow tint. The light zones in the room are lighted by the sun. I didn’t think about using a blacknode for the sun though, is it better than setting the color directly ?

Oh, i didn’t know, so i suggested it :-). That’s good, so if you try to increase the sun with filmic it should look good

Yes i like blackbody very much, it gives a realistic feeling in my opinion and it will take care of the colors for you. It’s probably not going to work for a green sun if you’re making an alien planet though :-).