Lounge room - My first

Hello! As you can probably tell by the thread title, new guy here. This lounge (pics at the end of the post) is my first scene ever done in any 3d software. I would appreciate some feedback. Scene looks quite O.K., at least for me and my taste. Maybe seems a bit empty, compared to other similar sets. What should I add? Maybe an air conditioning box in left corner on the back wall? Please and thank you for any feedback and critique!
P.S.: The number of samples used for rendering might be a bit low(500.) I know I could set them to a higher value, but since this is only my first “project” I thought it’s fine if it looks a bit grainy.

Hey, I like your carpet and floor., and furniture in general. The chair’s dimensions seem a bit off to me, though. It might be on purpose. I would look at your lighting: You seemed to have taken the the approach of what photographers would call ‘natural light’ (window light). This might give a realistic image, but not necessarily a pleasing image to look at. A common technique is to turn on every light there is in a room, which typically seem to look a bit warm in pictures. Also don’t be afraid to add extra (non-physical) lights where you can use them. Photographers use flash guns for that!


Thanks for the feedback, @prutser. Appreciate it!
I knew something is a bit off with the chair, never thought of scaling it down. About lights. I am fairly new, adding too many light sources (physical or non-physical) without proper knowledge could ruin my scene, I think I will pick up on lights along my path of learning.
Again, thanks for those helpful comments!

Hi lukazagar,

The first render looks pretty sick to me as-is, although perhaps you could add some books on that bookshelf. Second render lacks the dynamics of the first one. It’s just a chair and a lamp right now. Maybe change the angle to capture more of the room or give it more interest.


Nice job! I like the composition and how the shapes of chair and lamp repeat each other!

Some remarks: lamp pole is jagged (subdiv needed), chair seems to be floating over the rug and no capret fur appears to be sticking out to obscure the chair legs, some lamps on the ceiling could help (you know, those small spotlight things, you can make them square for the sake of consistency), and finally, you do need more stuff in the room. Things you add should not have much colour or unusual form, so they won’t distract me from the chair, but it will give the room more lived-in feel. :slight_smile:

Will wait for your next render! :slight_smile:

im not sure but theres something wrong with the shadows
they do not look right
i dont know if its just me though

Materials and lightning are great. Just the room is abit boring and the ceiling height seems abit low to me. I think you definitely could do some more work on making the enviroment itself feel more interesting.

my lovely lounge room with light material great room. thanks

Omg first scene - Amazing!!! It still looks a bit empty, thats true. Maybe you could add a plant or a tv or more shelfs (with stuff in it). Maybe pick a cool camera angle and arrange the room so it looks cool from this perspective.