Lounge room

I know that it’s to empty, and that it has got some noise, but you know… it is just a test render. Please help me improve it.

Interiors seems to be easy, but in fact they’re not. Especialy for me:) I always have problem with choosing a right color scheme, proper furniture and overal arrangement. Not to mention the lightning, which is definitley the hardest part:) So i guess my advice won’t do you no good, haha. Anyway, first thing is the carpet, it is floating, so place it one the floor:) I like the windows idea, but you could change the color of the inner frame to add some contrast and definitely get rid of the black seam, or at least make it much thinner. You see, you picked an original shape for the windows, why not to pick an original colors too? Coffe table is quite cool, but it would look much better from different angle, maybe turning it around a bit could help if you plan to stick to current camera. Because of the noise, it’s hard for me to determine whether the floor texture has enough resolution or not, it seems kinda too low. Floor texture should be as hi-res as possible in my opinion. I like the color, but it could use some gloss and small bumps/normals.

Thx for your advice. The floor texture has like 4k pixels, Probably the noise makes so that it’s hard to see the details. Btw, I used a normal map, spec map and a displacement map which I made by myslf for the krevices.

Maybe try to add some lamps or electric sockets to make scene less empty. For me envoirment behind window should be brighter when targeting camera directly to bright sky from dark room. Is there light source on right side of room? Show us some future renders.

Then it’s the noise and probably camera too, what makes the floor appear more flat than it actually is. I think that changin the camera position a little (just to make it less perpendicular to the floor) could help this scene a lot.

Ok here it is

Yeah there is a light sorce both on the left and right side.

No big changes but great effect. Ive asked about lamp because i always try to do not fake interior lightning with invisible lights - thats why I was never able to render interior scene due to huge bounces needed to light the room only by window source :wink:

yeah! it looks very nice now, i like this glow around the windows! one thing that got my attention is the lighter square on the side of a chair. is it on purpose? and one more thing about the windows, cool that you changed the color, but i think that it would look much better if you leave the outer frames white. this would give some nice contrast, cause atm inner and outer part of frames kinda blend into one. The room looks good already, I’m curious how you gonna develop it further.