Lounge room!

Hi, here is my last render :D:D Hope you like it :o
P.s Cycles 1000 samples, post in blender

Awesome render! The perspetive is wonderful! The light is a little bit cold… I would change it to a light yellow just a nuance.

Thanks =) more yellow, yeah it might work =) thanks for the advice =)

Amazing work, VladArtist! Straight away, I notice how natural the lighting looks. It doesn’t suffer much from whatever Cycles lacks at the moment (bi-directional?), so great job getting around that! Is the room being lit by an HDRI from all sides?

Your scene itself is also very well put together! It feels very lived in, with the light plug on the corner of the wall, the blanket draped on the arm of the couch, the books, and the cinder block holding up the plant (my favorite). Many more details as well, very good job.

About the color temperature of the scene; normally I would agree with shifting it closer to a neutral or even warm tone. But in this image, I think the cool tone is appropriate. The light around the window facing us seems slightly warmer than the light coming from the opposite side of the room, which is realistic- if you were to push this image more into a warm color, we would lose that distinction a bit. Also, this isn’t a luxury apartment, it looks like a “normal”, middle-class home to me, and the lighting looks like what I would expect to see on a cloudy afternoon. It feels very natural to me right now, and it’s possible that pushing the colours would make it feel more processed or filtered. But, if you end up trying it and liking it more, then why not? You may prefer more of a processed look for this piece.

In any case, brilliant work. I think this piece stands out from the crowd for how natural and real it looks.

Thanks for the feedback, i am very glad that you like it :yes::yes: and yes i used HDR image to light a scene :eyebrowlift2: Thanks again for your comment!! :eyebrowlift2: