little cosy lounge, reading corner
still working on lighting and filling free space with the models


Y’know, maybe you should just stop trying to "fill that space! Personally, I think you’ve already nailed it … leave it alone. :smiley:

As it is right now, it looks like a fun, cozy, reading nook. And I absolutely love the “visual absurdity” – so to speak … – of what you’ve decided to do with those spheres! The spheres that make up the lamp are an unexpected but very-effective counterpoint to the arrangement of the overhead lamp. "It’s positively quirky," and therefore I like it! :+1:

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Hi, thank you for your reply) To be honest, i still feel emptiness in this scene, especially at this glass table :joy: dont know what to do with it xD

Looks good to me, aready. Maybe Lamp is a little to small and you might fill up some space if its a bit bigger. Plants might look better if they are brighter.
You have a very nice render.

Looks great in terms of materials, lighting and rendering. Scene is a bit uninteresting imho… but that’s maybe just my personal taste.